Amazing MP3 Converter App Suites In All Smartphones

There are many android applications that do offer several services as it will be useful for the users in their daily life. Easily extract audio from your video files . Extract high quality mp3 songs using this powerful application . Make ringtone from your favorite song using mp3 cutter. Simple user interface, fast video conversion, supports Video formats including wmv , MP4 , 3gp , flv , avi etc, integrated MP3 Cutter for making Ringtone, supports Bitrate 48 kb/s , 64 kb/s , 128 kb/s , 192 kb/s , 256 kb/s , 320 kb/s. Simple and advanced mode MP3 Conversion for advanced users and fast Video cutter for cutting video files easily and one tap to play music files.

Or you can just use the old fashion Android way to take the photo using the screen button. Whistle detecting camera. High quality pictures. Auto focus. Easy holding and taking pictures just with one hand. Using the volume up button for more easy way to take a picture. Picture sites hands free while driving using the whistle. Selfie pictures using cam countdown. Both landscape and portrait orientation supported. A very useful and fast picture gallery. Share your photos. Easy edit your photos. Create predefined or customized filters to your photo (easy to use. Add a nice frame to your photo.

Smart skin-whitening technology, best for makeover which enables smooth the skin instantly. Smartly improves skin complexion and makes your skin glow. Convert any selfie into a fashion magazine cover photo. Excellent black and white HDR filter, and various tone filters. Black and White HDR filter and 16 different tone filters. Specially optimized for human face. Brilliant old photo effects. Tone filters change the vibe of photo and make your photos moody, sentimental, and nostalgic. Unique Funk filters, turn you into a comic star. Only available in Bonfire, Funk filters make you a Sin City character instantly. Mess with colors and offer great and extreme results. Interesting magnifying glass filters, easily make blurry face. Very cool and funny lens effects. Highlight the subject of your pictures with different choices.

The best, most realistic and fastest artistic painting effects in the world. Beating any similar filters in any other software including desktop platform. Prisma learns from great masters’ paintings and paints like a real painter. Different styles including impressionist painting, surrealism painting, abstract painting, and oil painting photo effects. Automatically create photo paintings from photos instantly. Add a sense of Renaissance and Old Master into your photo. Immortalize your photo from living into a timeless masterpiece. Share photos with friends via social networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, DropBox. You could rotate, flip, vibrance, temperature, highlights, shadows, RGB adjusting, brightness, contrast, saturation tools. Enhance your photo and have a natural result.