Built Your Houses And Offices With Vasthu Plan App

Have you ever heard about Vasthu once in your life ? Most of the people aroud us doesn’t know about the Vasthu shastra that is implemented in the Indian culture. The answer for what is vasthu shastra is that it is a science used with a compass for directing the people to have built their houses in according to the appropriate positions for acquiring peace and harmony. Ever though majority people of India follows Vasthu shastra to be their sweet homes in the right places and in the right views for the best live of their life. There are many people around us whoever are professionals in Vasthu shastra and they provide the mere information about Vasthu shastra and guide the people whoever asks for their guidance.

What we are gonna introduce you here is a new android application that gives you all the mere information’s provided by the Vasthu Shastra professionals. It’s the Vasthu Plan application which is developed by Alpharithm Technologies who has also developed an iOS & android app for their users. As per said by the app professionals, this ancient science of Vasthu Shastra has been following for centuries by Indians to construct their houses and offices for creating the perfect harmony for the people live there. Its what said that the perfect harmony stays in between the five essential elements of nature which is the earth, water, fire, air, space and even with the earth’s magnetic field. Somehow most of the smartphone users might not have belief in this science as they claim this science of no sense. Anyway there are believers and the science is still available in the Indian culture and majority people follows this science to acquire peace and harmony.

Describing the new android application, first of all by analyzing the analytical records of the application, there are thousands of users who have downloaded the anew android application from the android market and have installed it in their smartphone and have reviewed the app with great user experience. The experts in this Vasthu Shastra says that with using this amazing and ground breaking android/iOS application, you can enrich and enhance your life. The benefits reaped from compliance to the rules of Vasthu are numerous and lets check it out some of them. As per this science of Vasthu, the inhabitants who follows it can improve their health and vitality along with their promotion of financial affluence. Also vasthu provides a clam and conductive environment for working, living and studying. One of the major fact is that this science helps to improve the relationship between co-inhabitants.

The benefits of the Vasthu science is more and we have only discussed some of them. Lets check out how this application works with this science. There are two ways of using this app. One is by using the Fixed compass and two, by using the revolutionary Tracker Compass. The developer of the android/iOS application has designed an incredible Vasthu fixed compass which shows up with a nine square grid basically representing the floor plan of the houses. Each of the outer square is assigned a fixed compass direction like north, south, east and west and moreover north east, north west, south east and south west. You should select the rooms you would like to have within that area of the house and the App will do the analysis. You will then be informed if your choice of rooms, in each of the squares, is in compliance with the rules of Vasthu and the acceptable positions of these rooms. Whether you are constructing a new house or moving to a house that is already built, this amazing App helps you to arrange the rooms in line with the Vasthu Shastra, to create the perfect, tranquil and harmonious abode for you and your family. Before downloading this android application each and everyone should read the disclaimer of the application that is provided by the app developers which is available in the app description. Download and enjoy the application.