Discover The World’s Best Recipes Through Pachakam App

As we are under lock down period in this 2020, most of the people are under pressure as if they couldn’t get outside of the home in this lock down period. Finding out a new common entertainment that can be down inside or home is the cooking as if it can make everyone chilled and will be like a party. Though most of the cooking section is controlled and handled by the women, there are men too who knows to cook well. But there are people whoever doesn’t know how to cook perfectly. To be a perfect chef, we must need the best guidance in cooking and should be implemented rightly into action. Though there are many applications related with cooking recipes, the best ones are bit rare to find out.

Pachakam is a new android application that is developed by Quotes who have designed the application with the best functions and features to improve the user experience. The new android application is built with cooking recipes that is available in Malayalam language. And so the application is mainly developed with South Indian dishes and Kerala recipes for the users to cook all their favorite dishes with perfection. The new android application is also available in iOS version too. The application is developed with detailed and categorized Kerala recipes in it’s best way like you see in pics and in all traditional Kerala kitchen.

However describing the new android application, we can say that there are thousands of users who have downloaded the android application and have installed the app into their smartphone. Analyzing the features of the android application, we can see that at first, the app is a complete Malayalam cooking app for all kerala people. And so the application is designed with categories to understand the Malayalam pachakam very easily. You can bookmark your favorite Kerala recipe to refer it in future and cook it in your kitchen in an easily manner. And even you can search your favorite Kerala food dishes items with any word. And also you could easily share your favorite Kerala recipe and kerala cuisine with your friends and family.