Google Handwriting Tool Trends Out With Amazing Features

You all know what Google is and how do they make their customers much happier with their incredible gadgets or with their powerful software with amazing features. Since an era of mankind uses the most advanced technology that is the smartphone which enables access to the needs of the users in a touch. Though we are in a hurry for our own business, we make a way to communicate with the person we want to but tries to make it fast as possible.

Key Features

Communicating with a native person isn’t much difficult because of the language we use as we know it but communicating with a person of another regional language might find difficulty in processing the communication. To make it more easier Google had made a step for the users with an amazing creation which is the Google Handwriting Input Tool. This new application built by the Google is being created in both android and iOS versions for the android users and iPhone users. Hereby we are describing the android version of the new application, as so majority of the smartphone users are android users. The new application is built with several features which are much useful for the users for communicating with the any persons in this world. The new android application Google Handwriting Input Tool allows the user to write the text what the user wants to and the app converts the text into digital text with much perfection. It isn’t much riskier task for a user to use the app even if the language is English or any regional language.

The smart way to use the app is that to select the language you need to translate the text you write in the application and the app does translate the text to desired language with correct grammar. One of the incredible fact about the app is that the app is built for using in 97 different languages. The android application is designed with amazing features in which the app do supports printed and cursive handwriting with or without stylus which highlights among all the features built in it. One of the happier fact is that the app do also supports hundreds of emoji’s as so you can express yourself with those smileys along with your text as per your feelings or emotions related to the text. Though the app has already covered more that ten million downloads as there are many users who have downloaded and installed the new application from the android market.

It is an app with elegant and relevant features which could be the best for its users. One of the useful compliment for its users is that the app is built to be used as touch screen typing or else you can use voice input to have your text translated or typed into digital text instantly. However we think that you might have liked this new android application with this extra ordinary features, though there are much more extra key features as the app is designed as a fun way to enter emojis by drawing them into the screen as it doesn’t need any perfection in drawing and only need a slight similarity with the emoji’s. The application is useful for languages that can be challenging to type on a standard keyboard and also it works across your android phones and tablets running Android 4.0.3 and is up-gradable. The developer of the android application has also mentioned as that if you claim you r handwriting is terrible or rough for writing, you could try it out and see that if you can convince you otherwise.