Know The Current Updates About Corona Virus With GoK App

A pandemic strike that have been caused all over the world in this 2020 is the corona virus which affected world wide so badly. How this pandemic caused us ? How this pandemic spread all over the world ? How can it be cured ? What are the steps for the treatment ? Does this pandemic have any possible vaccination or proper medicine ? What are precautions taken for to fight against this pandemic ?…There are a lots of questions in our society about this pandemic strike and since being safe we should stay at home for not getting this virus or not to spread this virus. And if so how could we know the updates of this virus and how long does it take to recover. We must realize that this is a panic situation but we don’t need to be afraid but we should stay alert in all means.

First of all let’s discuss about this pandemic strike as if this virus was first reported in Wuhan City in China and this virus spreads only through the direct contact of an affected person. Once affected, we couldn’t recognize that if we are affected or not, but shows symptoms after almost 14 days in the form of severe cough or fever. If so, the time till we were exposed with the virus, the people we have contacted directly can also get affected and the cycle goes on. Traveler’s from china and to the china were the prime connections to spread this corona virus all over the world. Though we have this pandemic strike outside all over the world, it is instructed to all people to stay home and stay safe from this pandemic strike and inform the health authorities whoever are affected with this corona virus. Being humble and frank to the authorities whoever are working for to fight against corona virus helps us all to wipe out this from the world itself.

Inform the authorities that where were you while you are affected, take your own route map and find out all the possible persons whom can be affected from you if you’re affected with this corona virus. As a part of wiping out this corona virus, Kerala state government has made a great decision and the world looks after it and named it as Kerala Model for wiping this corona virus from this world. How they made it into action is that first of all the government has developed an android/iOS application GoK Direct Kerala app which gives the current updates about the corona virus minute by ago. Every persons residing in the Kerala state is instructed to stay home to be safe from this pandemic and to make it into action as necessary the government ordered a lock down period as if anyone comes out unnecessarily will be punished by the State Police Department.

Describing the android/iOS application, the app is developed by Qkopy developers who has implemented the best features for the users to avail the correct news that is provided by the Government of Kerala directly. The purpose of the app development is to avoid to spread the fake news that is mainly found out in the social medias. Fake news’s might create panic in the society and can mislead them. The right information about this pandemic strike is necessary in this situation and for it, the government made a decision to develop an app to give the people right information about the corona virus. There are thousands of users who have downloaded and installed the application from the android market to their smartphone to know the updates. There are not much more features in this app but the features available are amazing. You don’t need to register any account or sign in to use this app. Just download and install, and you will given the categories you want to need the information about and you will be informed every data’s about this corona virus. However Sanitize your hands, be clean and use masks when you are out of your home. Buy your needs for a month at one time purchase. Stay Home and Be Safe.