Largest Malayalam Dictionary App Trends Out In Offline

Man has conquered most of all the technological movements as it is because of the base of knowledge they have gained. And though we have found out something different that could make a new achievement for the android users especially students. Nothing more than it is a dictionary which translates English words to Malayalam meaning instantly. The new android application is built and announced as the official application of Olam dictionary which is the leading dictionary software available in the internet services.

Artham application is the new android application which is developed by Kailash Nadh has designed the application that works completely offline. The new android application has the largest database which has stored over with 2,15,600 more definitions but being the smallest app in the android market. The app is also designed with an intelligent clipboard capture system which easily brings out the meaning of the word that the user is looking for. As we has told that the app has the largest database, the app has been included with words, idioms and phrases. As the app is built and launched by the Olam English – Malayalam Data set, it is an open source growing crowd sourced database. Something huge implemented in a small section is a big achievement as the new android application is the smallest offline English Malayalam dictionary enabled in the android market. It is not just small, it is incredibly small. Highly sophisticated encoding is performed on the primary database to bring down the size.

The application is just 2.55 MB in size and after installation the total size would be 4.44 MB. The RAM usage for the new application will be only to 12 MB but the app can be completely cached by Android OS. So it will be much super smooth. App is designed applying Material Design principles by Google. It is has a very simple and straight forward interface. Suggestions are welcome to improve the user experience. Describing the new android application, we have checked out the analytical records as the application have been downloaded and installed by thousands of android users and have rated the app the most best app ever. Not only the app provides the meaning of the English word you search for but also has an intelligent clipboard capture system which automatically detects the word you copied from any text just before you have opened the new android application and fills the text in the search box for you as it is much easier to handle.

Although this amazing feature enables you to fetch the meaning rather than typing the entire word in a single click. Also you also dont need to struggle with the spelling of the word you are searching for. Artham app is completely offline. It doesn’t even ask any permission during the installation. It is simply because it doesn’t need internet or any advanced facilities of phone to work. And ofcourse there is no annoying advertisements inbuilt in it.