Live Transcribe App

An android application that has covered more than millions of downloads in a short period can assure any user the best in its user experience. Though we have met several applications that provide several features and some other possess unique ones too. As technology has grown well than the past 10 years, we must say that we are in a scientific world that provides many daily life needs through a single portal through the internet. We have introduced several application that are implemented with features that help out people who are in a strange place. Like what we have introduced before, there are apps that provide map facilities, transport guides, food spots, rooms for rent and etc. However the next one is an amazing android application that possess an extra ordinary feature that none of any app has implemented before.

Live Transcribe is the new android application that is developed by the Google developers where a user can imagine the quality of the app before using it once. Google ensures that to provide the best user experience through all the features implemented in an application built by them. Though after a long introduction, lets start to discuss about the android app that has now crossed millions of downloads. Actually the application is offered by Research By Google developer where we can assume that this might be a team for Google who tests any products from the Google company. The new updated application is built with a basic feature of Google and that is the automatic speech recognition and sound detection technology which is already created by Google developers.

How the app works is the most highlighted part of it. Its just simple as “Speak Yourself and it turns to text in your smartphone instantly”. Lets describe the above fact more deeply. The android app has a new name which is Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications and is actually built for the people whoever finds difficulty in hearing or being completely deaf. Such physically challenged people can make them comfortable using this simple application as they can read the conversations spoke by the people all around them. And so they can easily type them back through your smartphone itself. But still there lies a harder question as if those physically challenged peoples are on the road and suddenly a car approaches them ? Sounds more confusing huh ?

There comes the best solution provided by this application. The application detects the surrounding sounds occurred and shows them in the application through a suggestion. And there comes another one that how far does the app detects those sounds as if it only detects when a car is nearby the person or the smartphone. In such situation’s, there might cause any accident or hurt to the people who are completely deaf. Though the application detects sounds of any matter that is nearby around up to 10 meters far away. And so the user can make a reflex action instantly if there is any nearby. Such type of helps should be marked as mind blowing as it reduces harm rate to the people in their daily life. It’s the Google’s state of art technology where the app recognizes the sounds and voice recognition feature which highlights the app among all the similar applications that possess unique features in the android market.

And the very next best factor is that the application is free to use and is hassle free. The app recognizes real time conversations that converts into transcriptions in their smartphone. And the surrounding sounds is informed to the user by sending them notifications or by showing suggestions in the app itself. Other than the road safety, one can assure that if there is any sound related with door bell or fire alarm in your house also. And those are the situation’s one should be aware every time. Lets check out that how does the app works out so simply in smartphones. After downloading and installing the android application directly into your smartphone, you can directly access the app with simple steps. On a basic instinct, the app request for access which can be enabled in the accessibility area in your phone settings.

The app also provides several languages for the ease of user if language is a problem to communicate to others. For that you can set your desired language in the app settings and by simply clicking into the language in the transcription area, the languages gets changed one by one from the languages you have selected at first. Transcriptions are recorded and converted into text instantly as there isn’t delay to transcript the conversation. And so one can speak in their own way as what speed you acquire while speaking the application detects the sound and converts into text as soon as possible. Beyond the fact of users who are physically challenged, there is also an opportunity for online writers who can make texts through speaking the matter simply. Once the transcriptions are over, you can copy them and send the matter to any text messaging application and you can edit the text if there is any mistake in it while speaking through it. Install the app and enjoy this unique feature through your smartphone.