Manage 5 Consumer Accounts Using KSEB Official App

Can you imagine a world without electricity ? Somehow its difficult for anyone to believe such a news in this century. And so we must say that one of the most needed and smartest invention in the past history is the electricity which lighten the world. Though we have electricity throughout the world, the distribution of the electricity comes under each country separately and is maintained by themselves. And so on, we the people of India is provided with electricity that is produced and distributed by the respective states in our country. Specifying the electricity consuming in Kerala, the Government of Kerala has provided well specified app that can be controlled each consumer details with accuracy.

KSEB is an amazing android application that is developed and designed by KSEB limited which offers the latest features and self service for the consumers of KSEB. We can observe that the new android application is built and designed with amazing features that helps the users with the best user experience. Though there are thousands of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application from the android market and have installed it into their smartphone. As per the analytical records of the application, the app provides simple and friendly features for the users whoever consumes the electricity distributed by the KSEB limited. Anyhow lets discover the features that are provided by this amazing android application.

One of the major feature that highlights among all other features is that the app is designed with a quick pay option which helps you to pay your electricity consuming bill instantly. What makes you helpful with this feature is that you don’t need to stand by queue for paying the electricity bills in the bill counter facility of KSEB outlets. Another incredible feature enabled in this android application is that the app is designed with a personalized account for the consumers through My Account option which is completely for the registered consumers. Though you don’t need to get upset a if you aren’t a registered consumer as the KSEB provides you a facility to register a new account for those who haven’t registered till now through KSEB official app. The registration process can be completed in one minute in the new user registration section. Another fact in this section is that you don’t need to register an account for paying bills through quick pay option. You just need to enter the consumer number provided by the KSEB for your connection of electricity. If you are unaware about your consumer number you can check out it in the previous bills that you have already paid. Or else you can directly request your consumer number from the KSEB outlets nearby you.

After all, you can view your consumer profile with easy functions that is enabled in the android application. One of the amazing feature in this android application is that you can manage five consumer numbers in one user account. You can also check your bill details for the past 12 months and also you can view your payment history for the past 12 months. Like all other online payment platforms, you can view and pay your monthly bills using your debit cards, credit cards or by net banking. The benefit of the KSEB app payment option is that you will be only charged with consuming bill and no other hidden charges at all. Once you have downloaded and installed this amazing android application from the android market, you can register your account in this app and so you will be notified with alerts for bill due date or for the payment confirmation and like so. You can download the app directly from the android market or from the link we have provided here.