mobile application which helps to upload vediosmore than 30 seconds as whatsapp status

uploading mobile video status more than 30 second is a harder job for the users.Some time users cannot cut the videos properly by 30 seconds.Now the time has to come to say bye bye to mobile hard feeling of uploading lengthy feeling.A mobile application will helps to upload the vedio very easily even it is more the 30 seconds or even it is more lengthy.This mobile application “whatsaga” will helps the users to upload videos which are lengthy.Application can be downloaded from google play store.As line any other application this mobile application also can get downloaded.let see an image tutorial about how to use this mobile application. Download this mobile application from the link given on most below of the post.

User can download the mobile application from play store which is 8.4 mb in size and have 4.5 rating
This would be the first interface of the mobile application>user have to slide it and then click g”et started” option
Click ok to the policy agreement to get further steps of the application
For uploading lengthy whtasapp status click on the video status which is seen on first left of this page interface
after selecting video to be uploaded as status from the gallery use the option “share to whatsapp”
Use the option my status for uploading the video as whatsapp status.User can can view the video on whtasapp status even it is more than 30 seconds
click her to download the application