mParivahan Mobile Application – Android & ios

Its been a while we have travelled across anywhere around the world as the pandemic situation caused much problems in our lives. And so the travelers who have been travelling across the country and abroad the country have stuck inside a house due to this situation. Though our health workers have made their best to fight against the situation, the government has provided accessibility to every needs we prefer to upto a limit. So being in an urgent, we people might travel in a hurry or we see people who are in a hurry.

In such cases, people do ignore road traffic rules that are issued by the road transport ministry. Being such an irresponsible person around the the transport medium can cause accidents to the citizens or any other vehicles. However there are many issues related with the road transport ways like this in our country. What we introduce you is the best part of remedy to this situation which is easily accessible with your smartphone. A new and updated application have been introduced by the government which solves and reduces much issues occurred in the road transport ways.

mParivahan is the newly updated application that is created by the NIC eGov Mobile Apps who has provided an android version as well as an iOS version for the smartphone users. The application is available in both app stores at free of cost. Introducing the new application, mParivahan provides secure and genuine information related with the vehicles that are registered under the Indian Government. Although the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have contributed the citizens of India with the best app they could have with ease off access.

The analytical records of the application provides us that there are more than 10 million downloads of the android version which shows that the app is safe and secure and is provided with genuine datas. Describing the application, it provides access to transport service for the citizens through a mobile based application. It also empowers the citizen with instant access to various features related to the transport sector. Simply you could find the owner name, registration date & authority, making model and all other info’s given in the RC book of any vehicle by searching the vehicle registration number in this app.

The main features that have been highlighted by some mere app users is that you could make it helpful by finding the details of the vehicle if it is parked in a wrong side or being in an accident. It also helps if the vehicle is stolen by anyone as you could verify it by entering the registration details. You could also verify the details of a second hand vehicle by verifying the age and all other registration details of the vehicle.

Along with these features the highlighted ones by the app developers is that the app is provided with virtual Registration Certificate / Driving License, Encrypted QR code, all transport notifications to the citizens, RTO/ office locations nearby you and more. Anyway the app has scored 4.4 rating in 5 under the bases of the reviews provided by the users. You can download and install the app through the link provided here, or search “mparivahan” and install from google play store for android users and app store for ios users