Striking new features of Apple iOS 14.5

Apple recently introduced iOS 14.5. Its top new feature is to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch. You can use your Apple watch to securely unlock your iPhone when attempting to use face ID while wearing a mask. Next is the new and improved, Siri voices, you can choose the voice that speaks to you. When setting up your device in English, you can select more diverse voice options. These new Siri voices use neural test, To speech technology for an incredibly natural sound

The next one is app tracking transparency, which requires apps to get your permission before tracking your data across apps or websites owned by other companies for advertising or sharing their data with data Brokers. The next feature is a set of new Emojis, the couple kissing emoji and couple with heart emoji and a wide variety of skin tones. And new additions like face exalting face with spiral eyes face and clouds Hearts on Fire mending, heart and woman with a beard.

Next on the list is, you can report an incident in Apple maps. Maps users in the US and China Can now safely and easily report an accident Hazard or speed check along their route by telling Siri on iPhone, or core play. For example, there’s a crash up ahead or there’s something on the road. Another feature is the Apple podcast, which Is redesigned show pages to make it easier to start listening as well as an option to save and download episodes. So they’re automatically added to the library for quick access.

Next is Air tag support, which allows users to keep track of and find important items more privately and securely in the find My app. Next, is Apple news. It features redesigned news plus and search tabs making it easier for subscribers to quickly find download and manage magazine and newspaper issues. The next one is Apple Fitness Plus, you can now stream, audio and video to airplay to enable TVs and devices.

You can also now set a preferred music service, the first time you ask Siri to play something. An option to choose from a list of third-party audio services in addition to the built-in Apple apps, like apple music and apple podcasts. You can now Share lyrics in apple music just long-press on any lyric When viewing, the real-time lyrics of a song to bring up a shared interface, this is not available for all songs that support lyrics though. Finally expanded controller support allows you to connect the latest PlayStation 5, dual sense and Xbox series. X controllers to the iPhone iPad and Apple TV. That is IOS. 14.5. new features in a nutshell.