These Earbuds will watch your heartbeats

The AXLOIE S6 earbuds enhance your workout performance with new technology with a good wireless experience, high-quality sound development and an innovative heart rate monitor, They can perfectly track your live heart rate and help you find your maximum / low heart rate to prevent heart attack during physical activity. With the help of these two pair amazing earbuds, we can exercise at the correct intensity and stay within a safe heart rate range.

This will be a ground-breaking innovation from the side of the company because a good deal of death cases are being reported while people are at workouts and such type of activities. In most cases, they don’t understand their heartbeat level when they would ready for it. The company claims that the new product can ensure your safety while you are doing workouts.

From heart rate to calories burned, the highly customized fitness app provides you with some special benefits and guidance on your workouts and general health. Through this, you can develop a safe training plan that works for you. We can set up safe training and workout plan as per our wishes.

The main characteristics company claims,

With three-point support, the ear hooks are made to lock the buds into your ears.

Lightweight skin-friendly materials provide comfort for all-day wear, ideal for exercise.

The soft silicone tips keep the earbuds exceptionally fit in your ears during a workout.

Another advantage we should point out is the battery backup of the device. It may be an important area in these sorts of devices, especially in audio objects. The earbuds deliver 8 hours of listening time, more than most wireless earbuds. And the compact and portable charging case come with extra 24 hours of playtime. The charging case has a premium built quality and we can carry it very easy manner.

Plus, The water and sweat protection rating provides a perfect seal to ensure AXLOIE S6 Bluetooth earbuds resistant to sweat and water splash, helps you get through your tough workout. There are no worries to use this while you are sweating heavily. In its special features, it can compete with Apple AirPods for sure.

Image source: AXLOIE